SSN: California Dreamin'

SSN: California Dreamin'

You know the preacher likes the cold.

Who recorded the original song [hint: it wasn't The Mamas & The Papas]? Why does TM&TP's version feature a flute? What movie does Sia's cover feature on? Join Stevie Nix as he answers all of these questions and more while going out for a walk on a winter's day. WARNING: This episode contains traces of Wilson Phillips.

Featured artists [in alphabetical order]:

33 Tours
Faith Evans
Baby Huey
Angelina Jordan
Robot Koch & Delhia de France
The Mamas & The Papas
Barry McGuire
Johnny Rivers
Scala & Kolacny Brothers
Maiya Sykes
Bobby Womack

Hidden track: Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs

Curated Spotify Playlist:
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