SSN: Drugs
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SSN: Drugs

There's a tear in my beer so hold my liquor, monkey man.

Which English 80s band (other than Simple Minds) surprisingly covered Neil Young's Needle & The Damage done? What does Sweet Mary Jane mean? Or Beetlebum? Who released Sister Morphine before The Stones? Join Stevie Nix as he answers all of these questions and more on this episode that has visions of the Sugar Man walking down Baker St. WARNING: This episode contains traces of wacky dust.

Featured songs [in chronological order]:

Visions Of Johanna [Bob Dylan - 1966 live version]
Happiness Is A Warm Gun [The Breeders, Danger Mouse]
Pennyroyal Tea [Kristin Hersh]
Lithium [The Lost Fingers]
The Needle & The Damage Done [Simple Minds]
Golden Brown [Minute Taker, Nato & Tuggawar]
Hold My Liquor [Phil Ocean]
Monkey Man [Mr Lif]
Sister Morphine [Ren Harvieu]
Sugar Man [Karni Postel, Black Pumas]
Baker Street [Shawn Colvin]
Beetlebum [Kate Walsh]
There’s A Tear In My Beer [The The]
Heroin [Joseph Arthur]
Seven Nation Army [Apathy, Anderson .Paak]

Hidden track: Beercan [Beck]

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