SSN: Rubber Revolver

SSN: Rubber Revolver

She said, she said "we can work it out because tomorrow never knows".

Where did the title "Rubber Soul" come from? Which song did a distinguished panel of songwriters in 2000 name as the greatest of all time? Which song did Jerry Lieber hold in the same esteem? Join Stevie Nix as he answers all of these questions and more on this episode that celebrates two of The Beatles' best albums: Rubber Soul and Revolver. WARNING: This episode contains traces of America (the band, obviously).

Featured songs [in chronological order]:

We Can Work It Out [Stevie Wonder, Deep Purple]
Day Tripper [Otis Redding]
Drive My Car [Humble Pie]
Norwegian Wood [Cornershop, Bob Dylan]
You Won’t See Me [Bryan Ferry]
The Word [Lisa Lauren]
Michelle [Iggy Pop]
In My Life [Cynthia Lennon]
Taxman [The Jam, Junior Parker, Cypress Hill]
Eleanor Rigby [Ray Charles, America, Joe Jackson]
I'm Only Sleeping [Holly Cole]
Yellow Submarine [Roots Manuva]
She Said She Said [Mark Mulcahy, The Black Keys]
Tomorrow Never Knows [Junior Parker, Jason McNiff]

Hidden track: The Beatles [Devendra Banhart]

Curated Spotify Playlist:
20 Beatles Covers With Soul [Not Just Rubber Soul]

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