WTB: Beck
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WTB: Beck

Like some kind of child actor, it feels like we’ve seen Beck grow up and mature before our very eyes. Along the way there have been any number of detours and excursions into foreign territory, but that’s why people love Beck, you never know what you’re going to get, you just know there’s always going to be something worth getting. Beck’s 53 now, but he’s still where it’s at.

What album did Pitchfork say was "like finding a fossil from the future"? What was the first album Nigel Godrich produced? Which album did Rolling Stone say was among the best 500 ever made? Find out the answers to these questions and more as I go through Beck's back catalogue album by album.

Featured songs:

Truckdrivin Neighbors Downstairs
Canceled Check
Mixed Bizness
The Golden Age
Que Onda Guero
Go It Alone
Dark Star
The Horrible Fanfare / Landslide / Exoskelton
Soul Of A Man
Heart Is A Drum
Up All Night
Uneventful Days
Where It’s At

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