WTB: Elvis Costello
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WTB: Elvis Costello

"The thing that sets Elvis Costello apart from many of his peers is his command of the English language. He’s always had a nice turn of phrase. This is the guy who drops lines like 'you lack lust, you’re so lacklustre' into songs."

What was the furore surrounding Elvis Costello when he recorded Armed Forces? What album is the song Almost Blue on? Who is Monkey To Man about? Find out the answers to these questions and more as Stevie Nix goes through Elvis Costello's back catalogue album by album [well, most of them].

Featured songs:

No Action
New Amsterdam
Brown To Blue
Almost Blue
American Without Tears
I Want You
Tramp The Dirt Down
God’s Comic
I Almost Had A Weakness
The Long Division
I’m In The Mood Again
Monkey To Man
A Slow Drag With Josephine
Wake Me Up
What Is It That I Need That I Don’t Already Have?
Trick Out The Truth

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