WTB: Leonard Cohen
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WTB: Leonard Cohen

"Leonard Cohen’s music CV isn’t overly long — just 15 albums in the 52 years between 1967 and 2019 — but quantity never guarantees quality and there is a lot of quality in Cohen’s collection."

What album did it take Columbia a year to release in the UK? What album did Mojo say "sounded like nothing of its time — of any time really — fresh and ancient, cryptic and intimate"? What album took just six days to record? Find out the answers to these questions and more as Stevie Nix looks at Leonard Cohen album by album.

Featured Songs:

Sisters Of Mercy
Blessed Is The Memory
The Partisan
Famous Blue Raincoat
Chelsea Hotel #1
Who By Fire
I Left A Woman Waiting
The Guests
The Law
I Can’t Forget
The Future
Here It Is
On That Day
Blue Alert
The Sound Of Silence
Come Healing
You Want It Darker
The Goal
Tower Of Song

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