WTB: Lucinda Williams
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WTB: Lucinda Williams

"For whatever reason, Lucinda Williams continues to fly under the radar. One day, we’ll all wake up and realise what a treasure she is. We’ll all appreciate the music she has gifted us."

What song did Emmylou Harris cover? Who wrote the song Lucinda Williams? What album did AllMusic describe as “the bravest, most emotionally wrenching record she's ever issued"? Find out the answers to these questions and more as Stevie Nix goes through Lucinda Williams's back catalogue album by album.

Featured songs:

Malted Milk Blues
Rolling Along
I Just Wanted To See You So Bad
Lucinda Williams
Sweet Old World
Can’t Let Go
Lonely Girls
Sweet Side
Wrap My Head Around That
It’s A Long Way To The Top
Ugly Truth
West Memphis
If My Love Could Kill
Place In My Heart
Unsuffer Me
Bone Of Contention
Live Forever
Doors Of Heaven

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