WTB: Paul McCartney
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WTB: Paul McCartney

"Interestingly, McCartney [the album] was hammered by the critics for the very thing that made it so unique — most reviews calling it under-produced and unfinished. But that was the whole point of it. McCartney was simply being McCartney — ahead of the game."

What song of McCartney's contains just three lines? Who co-produced Ram? Who was the other guy in The Fireman? Find out the answers to these questions and more as I go through Paul McCartney's back catalogue album by album.

Featured songs:

PS I Love You
Why Don’t We Do It In The Road
That Would Be Something

Smile Away
Wild Life
Single Pigeon
Mrs Vandebilt
Letting Go
London Town
On The Way
What’s That You’re Doing?
Spies Like Us
Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest
 Really Love You
Tiny Bubble
English Tea
I Don’t Know
Momma Miss America

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