WTB: Sinead O'Connor
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WTB: Sinead O'Connor

"Sinead O’Connor lived a life like few others — a life she would have probably wished on few others. And that life was played out in song. Like John Lennon, she almost found it impossible to write about anything but herself. And then there’s that voice. How would you describe it? Truth is, you don’t need to. It just is. Indescribably, unmistakably is."

Which album did Rolling Stone say was "the work of a transformed woman"? Which album came out after I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got? Which song does Sinead rap on? Find out the answers to these questions and more as I go through Sinead O'Connor's back catalogue album by album.

Featured songs:

Take My Hand
Just Like You Said It Would Be

Three Babies
Black Boys On Mopeds
Why Don’t You Do Right
John I Love You
This Is To Mother You
Daddy I'm Fine
Molly Malone
Downpressor Man
We People Who Are Darker Than Blue
Reason With Me
Queen Of Denmark
Your Green Jacket
James Brown
Trouble Of The World
No Man’s Woman 

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