WTB: Van Morrison
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WTB: Van Morrison

"Every artist who has released as many albums as Morrison is bound to have one that gets overlooked, underrated. And that record to me is Morrison’s third, His Band & The Street Choir, which came out the same year as Moondance."

What song has the same chord progression and melody as Tupelo Honey? What album was Drumshanbo Hustle recorded for but left off? What song did Sinead O'Connor say was perfect for a Sunday morning? Find out the answers to these questions and more as I go through Van Morrison's back catalogue album by album.

Featured songs:

TB Sheets
Astral Weeks
Into The Mystic
I’ll Be Your Lover, Too
Tupelo Honey
You’re My Woman
Not Supposed To Break Down
Saint Dominic’s Preview
Drumshanbo Hustle
Fair Play
Country Fair
Youth Of 1000 Summers
So Quiet In Here
What’s Wrong With This Picture?
Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
They Own The Media
Listen To The Lion

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