WTB: Wilco
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WTB: Wilco

"Jeff Tweedy writes songs that often reveal themselves slowly. They don’t hit you over the head, you have to tease out their charms. But he’s a master craftsman — a songwriter who's tuned to chords strung down his cheeks, bitter melodies turning his orbit around."

What album details Jeff Tweedy's disintegrating marriage? What album did Pitchfork compare with Radiohead's Kid A? Which album contains a duet with Feist? Find out the answer to these questions and more as Stevie Nix looks at Wilco [and Tweedy] album by album.

Featured songs:

It’s Just That Simple
Someone Else’s Song
One By One
When You Wake Up Feeling Old
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
Muzzle Of Bees
Sky Blue Sky
One Wing
Whole Lovewqes
World Away
The Joke Explained
If I Ever Was A Child
I Know What It’s Like
Love Is Everywhere [Beware]
Guess Again
Jesus Etc

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